Dual phone cases

Hi all

Something of a follow-on from this thread:

I, too, have recently come into the two-phone lifestyle; and I think, like many of the respondents there, that two phones is probably the best way to go moving forward.

But I’d love to hear from those that are using two phones what case(s) you are using, as Google doesn’t seem to be yielding any great solutions.

Something like this looks great: Hand and Hide Dual Phone Case for Any 2 Phones - Hand and Hide LLC. I lik the idea that I could choose to carry one or both phones (but also not have to dig them out of a kind of ‘carry case’ to actually use them (which seems to be the case for many other solutions). But the price is prohibitive, particularly once you add shipping to Australia. And I don’t especially need a custom leather solution…

Would appreciate any suggestions the MPU audience can offer!

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Just two different cases. I’ve found texture matters – that way I can pull the right one out of my pocket if the small size difference doesn’t tell me (they’re different models).

Ah, key info: as a female human, pocket space is severely limited. I can actually get both phones into my pocket, but I’m not sure I should; it’s a squeeze! (And I have to pull both of them out to get to one of them.)

So I end up carrying them around a fair bit.

I purchased the Waterfield tech pocket for my husband to keep his phones. They also have a nice case to hold two pairs of glasses.

I would use two different cases, one for each phone. And if the phones are from the same model, I would chose different cases (at least different colors) to easily pick up the right phone.
The case from the first post looks way to large for my taste, and I see a risk of damages to the phones, if they Touch each other with the glasses regularly.