Dual Sim iPhone Xs

Being using dual sim on my iPhone for awhile. I have 2 lines since my employer provides a SIM card for business situation. Good thing is that since we are using office 365 I do not have to install anything on my phone so not a lot is tracked. I have to say that for me is working perfectly. I have my business phone using the physical sim and the digital one is the personal one. I use iMessage for my personal phone and Whataspp for business since is approve by them to use that. For email as I mentioned I use Outlook app for my business calendar and mail and the stock Mail app for personal emails. FaceTime I use my personal phone number to be reached if needed. The way Apple did this integration I have to say that works really nice. For Contacts I have a bit of a mix but almost have the trick. I went thru all my contacts and chose the default line for them… However, if someone from work needs to contact me via personal (since I have friends on my work) then if the message or call is using my personal, the return call without needed of doing anything from me, the call is returned using the line used by the caller (this is awesome) .

Just thought to share this summary about how I use it, and my experience.

Hardware iPhone XS (Both sim are ATT, however my phone is unlocked.)



Very cool to hear about this.

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Since we’re on the topic: If you have a dual SIM phone, and you have one SIM for use as a travel data SIM, how can you make sure that your romaing data uses the correct SIM? Can you enable/disable roaming for each one individually?

How about if someone sends an iMessage text (iMessage message?) so my “home” number?

Similar questions about voice calls: Can you enable/disable roaming on a per number basis?

Hi, In this case you can only use one of the sim as data. I use my business data plan when traveling. (When I am home, I use my personal since is always unlimited anyway). if someone iMessage you, since you are using business plan sim or travel sim, you will receive it anyway not hitting your data plan. The last time I traveled I first turn off the message (sms) on my personal phone. So only will receive iMessages. Also I forward my calls to my business number ( I did this because I do not want to receive calls to personal number and get hit by roaming charges).

You have the ability to turn off any SIM card, however if they are off, you are not able to use iMessage since it will go to the other SIM card as default. Bit tricky there, however what I explained on my first paragraph worked fine for me. I spent 3 weeks in Europe and receive iMessages and calls (being forward to my business number) and did not had any extra charge with my carrier. (AT&T).

Hope this answer your questions… if not let me know where we need to expand.

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That’s really slick, I never considered how it would be handled in this type of scenario.

Thanks for the reply; that’s useful. (I’ve done some searching online and people have been complaining of the wrong account/line/SIM being used at times, or a tiny amount of data going through the wrong account/line/SIM and having been charged for it.)

Slightly off-topic observation: I have an iPhoneX (not a dual SIM device) which means that I swap my regulars (Telus) SIM for a data-only (GigSky) SIM when I travel to the USA from Canada, something that I did a couple of weeks ago. I always do the swap at the airport just before whichever flight takes me to the States, this time during a layover in Toronto (well out of US cell range). I did not swap the Telus SIM back in until I returned to Canada, again in Toronto.

When looking at my cell usage, it shows 270KB of roaming data, which is very strange to me, as I didn’t have the Telus SIM even in the phone at any time I was even close to the border. We’ll see what happens on my next bill, but if that kind of weirdness can happen when physically swapping SIMs, then I’m a touch wary of keeping my home SIM in the phone while travelling.

This is probably the setting “Cellular Data Switching” I have it turned off and have had no problems thankfully.


Rose is right. There is an option where you can select if one line have problems with data, to use to other one as backup … Same for me… is off .

Hmmm… I don’t seem to have Cellular Data Switching as a configuration option on either my phone (iPhone X) or my 2018 iPad Pro (with an eSIM setup to use GigSky).

Oddly though, the weird roaming data was on the iPhone for which I had to physically swap SIMs (done well out of range of the US), so there should have been zero roaming data. (Doubly strangely, I reset my cellular data stats immediately after returning to Canada when I swapped my regular SIM back in, so the 270KB of roaming data must have occurred after that… which should be impossible. Mysteries abound! :laughing:)

My iPhone is from Hong Kong (real dual sim), it’s a Xs Max. I don’t think the X supports the e-sim?

I have iPhone XS US Versions and is under Setting -> Cellular -> Cellular Data and then you have the 2 lines with the option…

Yup, I wasn’t thinking when I checked the phone. But, it’s not on my iPad either, and that does have the eSIM. Hopefully I’ll join the ranks of dual SIM phone users in the fall and then I can be extra paranoid that I’m using the wrong cellular account when I’m traveling :slight_smile:

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Are you still happy with this setup. I’m looking to put my business line on the eSim in my phone.

Yes… the only bad thing is that only iMessage and FaceTime works on the main line that you choose, you can still send SMS using both lines. It’s being working perfect since the first time and I use it everyday. Welcome to MPU community!!

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Update: now you can receive iMessage on both lines with no problems… will be doing more test iOS13 And report back.

Hello. i wonder about the use of whatsapp in dual sim phone. are you able to use two whatsapp numbers? both personal and business one? because correct me if i am wrong here but client supports only one number and you can’t install two clients in ios. thanks!

Correct. It only supports one number.

there is a WhatsApp for Business and a WhatsApp both made by WhatsApp Company

. I

Unfortunately for that you need to convert your WhatsApp account to a business one. I’ve not yet found the possible implications of doing this.

Oh ok. Maybe since one of my line is business so I just did it. Haven’t seen any difference yet or any issues… will keep reporting :slight_smile: