Ducky One 2 for Mac

I’m looking for a new mechanical keyboard to replace my Razer. The reason is that I want a smaller model and I’m looking at the Ducky One 2 Mini SF. I’ve read about some issues between Ducky and Mac hardware. Does anyone use a Ducky with Mac and is it any good?

I have several Ducky One 2 TKL keyboards, one of which I use with my MacBook. Works like a charm!

Feel free to hit me up with any more questions.


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At the risk of being an internet stereotype and recommending something entirely different, I’d check out the offerings from Drop (formerly Massdrop). They’re a little pricier but for that price you get powerful programmability that exists entirely within the keyboard firmware (i.e. you don’t need to have software constantly running on your computer for it to work). The software they use to enable that programmability is called QMK and it’s entirely open source. This option is definitely for the more tech savvy but it’s pretty sweet.

If you’re looking for a vanilla keyboard and don’t care about any fancy programming capabilities then ignore the above paragraph and go with something like the Ducky or the Pok3r. But the Drop ALT in particular is something worth looking at IMO.


Thanks. Do you have the TKL or the Mini? I’m wondering how keys like arrows perform on the Mac with the Mini.

I’ve only ever had TKLs and a couple of full size sorry. Not sure how I would cope with the mini haha. Others may have some experience and input there.

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I have a Ducky One TKL and it works fine. If my memory serves, I had to do some tinkering when I first set it up to get the Command and Options working properly but it has performed fine ever since.