Due App — Persistent And Noisy

On different threads they commented on Due, the persistant reminder app. Today a new iOS version was released.

Out to breakfast with a friend, we commiserated. We could use more self-inflicted reminders.

I’m curious about what other folks have to say about this app.


I love it for repeating reminders as they all tend to be things I really should do, but not at a fixed time, eg

  • Charge a phone
  • take vitamins
  • wash bedding
  • pay credit card

The nagging makes it hard to miss the reminder, but the design makes it easy to postpone.
It’s brilliant for my personality.

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Use it every single day and recommend it!

Due replaced the built-in iOS Reminders app for me completely. I like the persistent notifications, as I tend to ignore notifications a lot when I’m deeply involved in something. So I use Due for truly important reminders that I can’t miss (medications, meetings with my boss, lab timers, etc.) as well as daily things that pop up.


Yep. I just shelled out the $2.99 for the new version. The haptics are nice and the ability to do custom snoozes from the lock screen is a big upgrade.


I bought the upgrade just to support the developers - I use this app multiple times a day. Dark mode doesn’t interest me, but I immediately customized the notifications snooze times.


I set-up one morning cluster reminder.

  • resistance bands or walk
  • meds/vitamins

From your responses it looks like I’m on the right track. Thanks. Three dollars dispatched…

More reminders contemplated.

Whenever I have a meeting at an unusual time, I usually alert myself x number of minutes before, simply because alerts on my calendar are so anemically modulated that I invariably miss them (and I’d otherwise forget about the meeting).

If any calendar or task management apps had equally persistent/noisy alerts I wouldn’t be using Due, but thankfully it’s as good an app as it is, so I don’t mind doing a small amount of extra data input to use it.

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I have greatly pared down my Due reminders, as I was ignoring them, but certain ones have to stay:

Take out the garbage before bed - if not, I will not remember it until I hear the garbage truck at 5AM.
To pay that one bill that is not set up on autopay
To be REALLY sure I get my car’s inspection sticker before the old one expires.

due is major staple in my work day and works perfect w/ the apple watch

i have certain reminders set up through the day as checkpoints and the haptic notice to my watch helps bring awareness of what i should be working on

Try the ‘Nautical Bells’ alert sound. You won’t. :wink:

Ive heard Due mentioned time and time again, and with the new upgrade I’m thinking of getting on board.

One question though, where do you draw the line between due reminders and task reminders in omnifocus etc (especially with the new notifications in omnifocus 3)?

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For me, Due is for reminders that have to be done at a certain time (take out the trash, thaw something from the freezer for dinner, take something to work, etc.). OmniFocus is for tasks that are more flexible; stuff that has to be done sometime during the day and may even be able to be put off until a later date depending on how the day goes.

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Great perspective, I agree. For me, Due is for routine tasks that don’t really belong to a project but nevertheless I need to keep a handle on when they get done.

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I did exactly the same thing. The new features are nice but I was perfectly happy with the old version. I just felt it was time to support the developer again! This app is one of my most important for truly making my phone a productivity tool.

The line I draw is that I myself use Due for events/tasks that I want to do or be made aware of on a certain date and time; that is, they could be on a calendar if I trusted a calendar to alert me and pester me to acknowledge/defer.

I don’t know how persistent/noisy OF3 is, and Omnigroup hasn’t put out any videos for it on Youtube, so I couldn’t address its suitability for persistence/noisiness. That said, they’re (1) great, smart established developers, and (2) OF has historically been overcomplicated overkill for my (and most people’s) needs.

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I could do with the watch tapping being more… insistent.

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After hearing a lot of great things about Things3, I bought it for a daily reminder app. But it is not persistent enough for me on reminders. Its a “here’s your reminder, but you get to it whenever you feel like it…or not” reminder system. I switched to OF3 on iOS to get more rigidity and structure, and I am enjoying it about 1-month in. However, I do find it a little cumbersome for daily non-project reminders. The more I read this thread and the MacStories story, Connected podcasts, and others, it seems like Due + OF3 would be a good combo for my needs as well.

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Reinstalled Due and upgraded to v3 based on the info in this thread. I like what I see. I installed it on my iPad and turned off notifications there; on the iPhone I turned on notifications and configured it to sync via iCloud; and then activated the Watch app. So I can edit reminders and timers on the iPad but not have to deal with notifications there. The iPhone passes on the notifications to the Watch, which is where I need them.

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As @bowline suggested the “naval bells” get my attention using Due. With two weeks of experience, as others suggested, reminders need to fit repeated bells and reminders situation. “2 pm drink water” is a suitable reminder while “repair cut in leather chair” is best input on another type of task list…

… two apps doing similar work… Makes it harder to shrink my app count.

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