Duet Display Workflow

I have a 10.5" iPad and a MBP. I have them connected via duet. It’s working technically, but I can’t find a good use case. I wanted to be able to move some things off my primary screen (laptop) and push things like messages and/or mail over to the iPad. The problem is with the resolution. I can’t read anything on the iPad because the text is so incredibly small. When I try to adjust the resolution, it adjusts the resolution of both the laptop screen and the iPad. Am I missing something? If not, what is the use of Duet except for the occasional youtube in the background deal?

There should be an option in the Duet Display menu bar which allows you to choose the resolution of the iPad. That makes it readable for me.

I don’t see it anywhere. When I adjust the resolution, it adjusts both at the same time.

Try the following:

On the Mac, open the Duet Advanced Settings. Un-tick the Mirror Display option then change the iPad resolution.

The above would change the iPad resolution without changing the MacBook resolution when I just tested it.

That’s super weird. I worked just perfectly. I tried three times, but I gave up and unplugged the iPad. I just tried again and it worked great! Maybe unplugging reset something? Yay! Thank you!

One way I’ve seen it used is to use the iPad in lieu of a projector when giving a presentation to 1 or 2 people.

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I use Duet and iPad Pro on a daily basis, just as I’d use any dual monitor setup. I considered getting a 15" MacBook pro but got the 13" because I knew I’d have a second portable monitor if I need it. For getting work done, it’s probably the most valuable app on my iPad.

I want to learn how to do this. I’m just now getting to a place where I will need to start giving presentations. I have Dave’s book, but I haven’t read too much of it yet

Is there a keyboard shortcut to switch between the laptop screen and the iPad screen? The biggest problem I’m having is finding my mouse. Even when I’m using the iPad with my fingers, it moves the mouse over to that screen.

Is duet display laggy for you? Mine is super laggy. Before high Sierra it was absolutely quicker than now.

I’m still on Sierra, but I haven’t noticed any major issues. Sometimes I will have to slow down my typing a bit. But it’s generally okay. There are some settings you might be able to change to speed things up.

Really? Tries everything already. Lowering resolution, decreasing quality.
Tell me more, please

Well, I’ve only been using Duet for 1 day, but here are my settings. Most of them are still on default. Keep in mind, I’m on Sierra and not High Sierra.

Preferences: everything checked
Graphics Card: discrete (recommended)
Reduce Transparency: enable transparency (higher performance)

I think something has changed on Mac OS high Sierra but I don’t remember anymore. Gonna try to find out and post back here.

You actually don’t need Duet for this. Your iPad and Mac can connect wirelessly to allow you to use the iPad as a remote display for a presentation (same technology as Continuity and AirDrop). When you do this, your presentation will show on the Mac’s display, and the Presenter Display (including notes, next slide, or whatever you’ve configured) will appear on your iPad, and you can trigger the next build or slide from the iPad.

Thanks Dave. Yeah, I’ve done that at home. My issue is I need to presume that I will not have wifi where I am presenting. So I want to be independent of any wifi no matter what I do.

You don’t need wifi to do this. I do this without wifi all the time.

Hmmm… That is interesting. Are you doing this with Keynote? I haven’t tried it with Keynote yet and I guess I was always streaming something that needed Internet.

Yes. Always Keynote. And if you’re using media from the web, you can just download it and embed it.

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Resurrecting an older thread, but since it is about Duet, I thought I’d ask this question here.

I have played with Duet in the past but needed it today to have a bit of extra screen real estate. I have the resolution good and everything is working fine, EXCEPT the touch interface on the iPad is not working. Nor does the iPad pro’s external keyboard. I even enabled Touch Bar on the iPad app and it doesn’t work either.

I tried fore quitting the app. Updating iOS on the iPad. Everything.

Then I started writing this post here on MPU and thought on one last thing to try… Accessibility Preferences on the Mac. What do you know? It wasn’t enabled.

I just thought I would share my plight here in case anyone else runs into the issue.

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