Duplicate Birthdays in Calendar MacOS

I have a new batch of students this semester so I put their birthdays (along with their contact info) in the Contacts app. Now I’m getting duplicate birthdays in Calendar! Here’s what I’ve done to see what’s going on…

  1. They are all in the Birthdays Calendar and not in different calendars
  2. I’ve opened each birthday with “Get Info” and then Show in Contacts. One is the actual contact. The other is blank but there are no blank contacts in the app.

Any help would be appreciated!

Do you have Gmail? If you do, you need to turn off the Google Birthday calendar in Calendar on MacOS.

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Had the same issue. Found the solution on a different forum, reposting here since this was the first search result.

“unchecking and renabling ‘Show birthday calendar’ in the calendars settings seems to reload it - that’s what worked for me”

Also worked for me.

Calendar - top menu bar: Preferences → Toggle “Show Birthdays calendar”