Duplicate Note Finder Within Notes!

I am moving notes from Evernote into DevonThink Pro Office.

DTPO has found notes that are duplicates (title, etc) but stored in different notes of my notebook.

Some of these notes are rather long, I am trying to find a place (or app) (hopefully low-cost) where I can import the content of both notes and have a comparison done to highlight the differences.


So far…all I can find that can help with this is a mac/ios app called Kaleidoscope but pricey at $70.

Kaleidoscope is a nice app. I’ve paid for it on both Mac and iOS, but I write enough code that paying for a good diff app is worth it for me.

Both Kaleidoscope and Beyond Compare have free trial periods, so if this is a one-off need you may be able to do what you need to before the trial expires.

Another option would be to download Xcode (which is free) and use it’s built-in FileMerge tool.

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It’s way pricey at $150 now. But its a good app to find differences.