Duplicate photo remover?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a method of finding & removing duplicates of photos from their Photos Library. I recently stumbled across four separately imported versions of the same photo, each of a different file size, thanks to multiple people in the family scanning the same photo.

Ideas? Incantations? :wink:

Gemini from MacPaw has been one of the best, and I’ve tried about a dozen.

Most free options I find to be poor experiences. The cost of Gemini is definitely worth it.


Yes, I have Gemini and it seems to work well. I cannot compare it to any competitors though…

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I have tried them all and Photosweeper is the best.
It has a lot more options available to determine which images are selected for removal (ie resolution, metadata, location etc) which gives greater confidence in the accuracy of the process

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Thanks folks. I’ll take a look at Gemini and Photosweeper.

What did you end up using and why?

@WTL what did you end up using to delete your duplicate photos?

@Jonathan_Davis - I used PhotoSweeper and it worked brilliantly.