Duplicated contacts on my ipad

In Contacts on my iPad my name appears 100’s of times. The same problem occurs in Lists - every list is duplicated 100’s of times. The problem doesn’t seem to occur on the Mac. No other contacts are affected. IOS 17 is up to date. The Duplicates Found feature doesn’t appear to be working.

Are the duplicates only on your iPad?

Or are they also on iCloud.com?

Thanks for the reply, but I’ve seen all that. They only occur on the iPad and the labor of linking these things would be unbelievable. And as I said the feature that is supposed to identify duplicates hasn’t kicked in. It’s presumably something to do with syncing, but why does it only occur with my card?

Apple says “when you set up iCloud for Contacts, your contacts are stored in the cloud”

Have you tried turning off Contacts syncing? When you do you will be given the option of Deleting the contacts on your iPad or Keeping them.

If I had this problem I would turn off syncing, delete all contacts, then turn syncing back on. BUT I would make sure to make a backup, or two, of my contacts on my Mac first.