Dvorak people moving between Macs, can layout during login be set by machine?

Admittedly an edge case…

I have a CTRL keyboard on my iMac Pro, and have it programmed with a Dvorak layout, with macOS set to US.

With my M1 MBP laptop, I use the built-in keyboard and macOS is set to Dvorak.

The problem arises when logging in to macOS on the iMac. The (macOS) layout always defaults to Dvorak in the login window, which (after failing to log in), I need to switch to ABC to be able to log in.

Not a huge deal, but an annoyance. Anyone know of setting to prevent the login window from changing keyboard layout?

Do you have 2+ accounts setup on the iMac? If so, you need to rerun the out-of-the-box language setup to make it qwerty. If you have just one account, which I assume would be running qwerty all the time, then you just need to set that account’s preferred layout by dragging the order of the layouts. I’m assuming you’ve done that so something seems messed up because login should be respecting your keyboard preference inside that one account—not sure what to suggest there other than removing and re-adding Dvorak.

Help file with instructions to re-run language setup:

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Thanks for the reply!

Yes, I only have US in the keyboard layout on my iMac.
I guess macOS is trying to be helpful and consistent across devices.

I’ve worked around it by adding a Qwerty layer to my keyboard configuration, so I can switch to Qwerty, type the password, then switch back.