DYMO Label Printer

Anyone with a DYMO Labelwriter using the Latest DYMO Connect software? It’s version for the Mac. Seems incredibly wonky compared to the last Dymo software (Dymo Label v8.7.x), which was only somewhat wonky. The newest software only uses Google contacts and Outlook Contacts; It does not have its own address book nor allows connection to Apple Contacts. Just trying to corroborate this with others. Thank you.

Only had my Dymo for a few months and running Dymo Label Wasn’t aware of other software for it. Mine seems to work fine with my contacts.

Which model do you have? I have the DYMO Labelwriter Wireless. Compatibility chart shows v 1.4 for Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur and Monterey and version 8.7.3 for Sierra and High Sierra. I downgraded back to (was the version that I just downloaded). Their version numbers on the chart are all over the place. Old version seems to be working with addresses.

Dymo really have to get their shit together. So bad software… :frowning: It’s like they still are in Windows XP mode.

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stop it. this thread is making me want a Dymo and Im not sure what I would use if for…


I gave up on Dymo and got a Brother QL-1110NWB instead. The software isn’t perfect but I don’t hate it as much as Dymo’s. And I like that the printer is on the network so I can easily put it on the other side of my office. My primary use is printing FedEx labels but I use it for all sorts of little labels around the office.

I’m not ready to give up on the Dymo but I’ll definitely look at the Brother if I do.

The wireless Dymo that I have loses its connectivity. I use it once, maybe twice a month. It seems that every time I’d go to print I would have to go through gyrations to reconnect to my network. I have since just connected it to my Mac by USB.

The old Dymo software works well for me until I need to change the label formatting. Thankfully I only use 2 different formats for labels. Agree with @carlsson that the software seems to be in “Windows XP mode”. The labeler itself is fine.

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Yea, I should say the Dymo isn’t bad by any means. In my case, I had some frustrations with the software (though I don’t remember now what those were). But the main reason for getting a new machine was that I wanted to be able to print 4x6 labels for shipping. Dymo has a printer that does this but I also wanted to try the Brother ones and once I got Brother I really liked it.

I got the networked version thinking it would be nice for others in the office to use, but in reality this never happened. <slightly_off_topic>Instead, we have moved to a networked printer that is always loaded with the free FedEx laser shipping labels and anyone can print their FedEx labels to that. We don’t ship a ton, but my team usually needs to ship out 3-4 laptops or other items per day, so this method works well and I still have my label printer to incessantly label random things! </slightly_off_topic>

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