Dynamic background and location


How the dynamic background of MacOS Mojave is linked to the computer location (ie city or geolocation)? Or is it link to the local time zone?
A friend is arguing that dynamic background is base on the position of the sun. He is having his mac on ethernet which disallow locating his computer (his city can’t be found) and timezone doesn’t follow the exact position of the sun where he is.

Any suggestions ?

macOS will take your location into account and make sure everything is working just right for you. One dynamic background I saw used 16 images and worked incredibly smoothly.

Marcin Czachurski created a cool earth wallpaper and also documented how to make your own. He put up files on Github.

Good overview on Tidbits as well:

OK, So, without wifi enabled, Dynamic Background will not work correctly. Do I understand right?

No, I don’t think that’s right.

the OS can infer your location from a few places other than Location Services:
Timezone setting
IP address

Once it knows this location, it can infer the zenith/azimuth of the sun for that location. I just disabled wifi, and used the Time and Date settings to manually manipulate the system time, and was able to get it to change the desktop image by selecting a time late at night, or earlier in the day.

So I don’t believe you need location services enabled for this to work.

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