E-mail Clients (Mac)

How is MailMate with spam control?

I have two work accounts, that, because they have to be registered with government entities, have been totally infected with spam. The government makes everyone’s email address public. Stupid process.

Anyway, I’ve worked around the bulk of this with rules and SpamSieve, but that’s only an 80% solution. I’m looking for a better mail client and better spam control.

Spam filtering is really something that should be done before it hits your inbox.

MailMate integrates with SpamSieve, but I don’t know how much more spam filtering it does.

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Like you, I have many e-mail accounts for various purposes and prefer not to bog my Macs down with having them in an e-mail client. Being a Firefox user, I use Multi-Account Containers to enable me to have multiple gmail or hotmail accounts open simultaneously in different tabs.

I have an iCloud account set up in Mail to enable some automation.

I am re-visiting Em Client again in 2022 for 2 reasons

  1. 50% off for Black Friday (end 3rd Dec)
  2. a lot of new features since 2020 , current verion is 9.2

there is a comparison with Spark, Apple Mail and Outlook but I am sure how update this is

I know this is not as powerful as mailmate but this may be a good replacement for Spark

Any feedback or suggestions?

may be a 3rd reason, Em Client now support replying using Fastmail email alias

details here

Well I install EmClient and had to remove it as soon as I could, because it caused my MacBook Pro to hang.
As soon as I installed it, it hung. Force shutdown was only way to recover and then when it reopened after reboot it hung the machine again. After removing it everything is working fine again. Most odd.

hmmm… that’s interesting. I installed the trial version on my MBP running ventura and have no issue at all.

However, I am also considered going to use Mailmate although there is no BF discount and seems to be a lot more fiddly to configure. E.g. I do not even know how to add c.c. copy to email reply. I know Mailmate is very powerful but may be too much for me

I cannot make it my mind between eM Client and Mailmate

MailMate is fabulous.

As for your cc: question, click on the little menu in the compose window like this:

oh, I get it now. May not be the most obvious :slight_smile:

Not the most obvious. But it’s sort of set-it-and-forget-it if you use that “use as default headers” option