E-mail Clients (Mac)

I am debating of using an e-mail client on my mac. I have avoided using any e-mail client since I left Windows almost a decade ago where I used to use Outlook all the time. (back then I had 3 accounts that used up a total of 12GB). Today, I have 23 G-Suite accounts that I use for the different hats of my life.

Currently, I use Spark for email on iOS devices. I had gone through the email jumps of CloudMagic, Newtown, Airmail, and landed at Spark (I think everyone goes through this)

There are times I wish to check my e-mail on my mac, usually just load up the browser. But it can get tiring after some time. I try to manage as much as I can via the iPad when out and about.

I have been trying to hold off, because worried about how much it will drag out my of mac in terms of resources (drive space, etc)

Any recommendations?

Since you run Spark on iOS, you might want to try the macOS version as well?

(I switched from Airmail to Spark on macOS for company mail, but still the use the Fastmail web interface for personal mail)

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I use the Spark app on all devices and I’m happy with it.

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It’s not a typical, generic sort of email client, but my favourite macOS email app is definitely Tempo.

It allows me to manage notifications exactly the way I want (in batches), and the Markdown-friendly interface feels utterly serene compared to most clients. Also, once it’s out of beta it will cost real money, which immediately helps me to trust it over many of its competitors.

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Like your choice on iOS I use Spark — 99% incoming email handled in Spark.

Thought I had switched to Spark on the Mac but recently discovered I was using Apple’s app. (Liked it well enough when I was Mac only.) Guess I’m saying for the past few years iOS has been the prime path for my email.

Does not answer your question but…

At the end of the day the Apple Mail client is the most robust solution. Might not be the fanciest one but it works. Has a clean UI and you can fix / export things if needed.
Something that cannot be said for MS outlook…

Well at the very least you should try Mailplane to help manage all those different accounts, rather than doing it in a browser.

But my favorite email client, by far, is MailMate.

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Another vote for MailMate. Not much you can throw at it that it won’t handle with aplomb; and it doesn’t have certain Spark shortcomings that are noted in the following MacRumors thread (quite a few pages, but worth it):

Even I, being somewhat a cynic, think that Spark has made lots of improvements since July 2017

After going through Airmail and Spark, and working intensely with deep message links, I have finally decided to go back to good old standard Apple Mail + Sanebox. The anti spam in Airmail is out of control on iOS, the team has probably made the worst transition to subscription pricing ever in history, and the smart inbox in Spark is much less effective than Sanebox to me. (I would much prefer see all non-essential emails in another folder than sitting in my inbox all the time)
On iPhone, I still use Dispatch when I need to send emails to their appropriate places (OmniFocus, Evernote, Instapaper); iPad has drag and drop for that.
Simple setup yet very efficient and I’m nearing being on top of my email for the first time of my life.
The only thing I’m really missing is a Send Later feature.

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Have you tried Mailbutler? The professional plan might be too expensive if all you use is Send Later… But there is a free plan that will let you use the feature 30 times per month. Might be an option. Also, the professional plan is free for students :slightly_smiling_face:

Smallcubed MailSuite has a send later feature. It also has rules for outgoing messages. Since I have several email accounts connected to Apple Mail, I use an outgoing rule to ensure that messages I send for work actually get sent from the work account instead of one of the others.

Yup, tried it, and I like that Mailbutler actually will send later even with the Mac offline, but I find it way too intrusive in Mail for my tastes. I have lots of KM macros that Mailbutler throws off, and I didn’t have to heart to redo them. Might change my mind if they ever have an iPad app, though (they have an iOS app, but it’s iPhone only).

Does it send even if the Mac is offline?

Probably, but besides those things mentioned I’m leery of any mail app that has to use one’s credentials on the app vendor’s servers in order to provide full functionality — which, of course, eliminates quite a few of them.

No, the mac has to be online.

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I took a look at it, and I have a question: is it possible to change the font and text size? I can’t read anything with their defaults, and I can’t find how to change it…

I don’t believe so, no. I’ve never tried, but I don’t see any options for it either—worth asking the devs for, though, as I bet you aren’t the only one who would appreciate it!

Chiming in with another vote for MailMate. It’s bare-bones in terms of look-and-feel, but incredibly powerful under the hood and lighting fast to use, e.g. with fully customizable keybindings (Gmail style or classic macOS).

I started with the Gmail keybindings option and added my own customizations. Here are some that I use All. The. Time.

  • g 2 goes to my “Inbox2” (bulk mail) folder
  • g u goes to an “unread” smart folder
  • g r goes to my “To read” folder
  • q loads external images
  • * 8, in one fell swoop, selects all messages from the same sender, marks them read, and advances to the next unread message

MailMate also supports smart things like regex-based aliases, so if you get an email to yourname+alias@domain.com it can automatically reply from the same address (rather than just yourname@domain.com)

The markdown editor is quite nice as well. https://manual.mailmate-app.com/preferences.html#markup_support

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I’m not even using a lot of the advanced stuff in MailMate. (I’m 15 days into the 30-day trial.) But there is no way I’m leaving it. Forget all the advanced rules, etc. – it is screaming fast. I didn’t even realize other mail clients were slow until I started working with this. It’s just such a pleasure to get in there, answer an email, and get out again without feeling like I’ve even opened an app.

I do have some rules and mailboxes set up, and I’m using a Bundle to get emails into Omnifocus and another bundle to get them into DevonThink when necessary. I wish it were easier to auto-save all attachments to a particular place in DevonThink, but other than that, I love this and will be buying when the trial is up. I don’t know why I’ve never tried this app before – I think I’ve tried all the others that have ever been mentioned. This one just doesn’t seem to come up as often. I sure don’t remember it being mentioned on MPU, but it could be that it came up at a time when I was satisfied with Airmail or Spark, which I had used previously.