E-mail Message Deep Links - Accessing on macOS and iOS

When creating links to Apple Mail messages, I have no problem with the link opening the right mail message on my Mac. However, the link will work only intermittently from iOS. I think creating these links to Apple Mail messages from iOS (e.g., through dragging a message into OmniFocus) has a better track record of working on both iOS and macOS. Has anybody run into this problem? If so, do you know how to make the Mac-created links work more reliably on iOS?

By the way, I am using @MacSparky’s link-generating AppleScript:

Mail links will only work on iOS/iPadOS if the message has been downloaded to the device.

For example, if you create a link on your Mac that references an email from two years ago that isn’t on your iPad, tapping this link one your iPad will open the Mail app, but not display the message (assuming it’s not on the your device).

I don’t know of a reliable way to force a download of Mail messages. You could manually open up folders that you access frequently to increase the chance that these messages will be available locally. Creating the links on an iPad by dragging and dropping it into OmniFocus will result in the email being downloaded (if it isn’t already local)…though, I imagine that iPadOS will remove this local copy if it needs the space.

I hope this helps!


I’ve had no issues with both, apart from emails that were not on my device, as @timstringer notes above.

This would also explain why it does work for you with a link from iOS, and hit or miss with others from macOS.


@timstringer and @JKoopmans --> Thank you both. That explanation makes sense.