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I recently came across this article concerning FastMail.

I currently have a mix of @gmail (persona) and @workdomain accounts coming into Spark Mail App. From previous forum posts, I have been debating of having my personal @gmail as a paid my domain G Suite.

What is the benefit of FastMail over G Suite? Are they comparable? I see the benefit over Gmail, the privacy and such.

Is there a benefit of FastMail over Spark?

While I can’t tell you the benefit of using Fastmail over G Suite, I have tried Spark and didn’t like the idea of my mail being filtered through a third party. Otherwise, Spark was very nice. But I can tell you that I find Fastmail to be easy to get around in, and easy on the eyes. It has a lot of different features that can be invoked if needed, and I love being able to make aliases (you’re allowed up to 600!), not for nefarious purposes but to limit damage if a company leaks my email address, or to see who is giving it out to spammers. There is all kinds of stuff you can do in Fastmail and they’ll give you a 30 day free trial. They rock.

Do you (or would you) use anything in either other than mail and the calendar? If so, a paid GMail account also comes with Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. Those don’t appear to be available with Fastmail.

If you wouldn’t use those extras, Fastmail is priced better.

Probably just the mail. My “work” accounts are G Suite already, if I need to use Docs, Sheets, I use them there. I try to avoid it if I can. My google calendars (from any account) all get sent to Fantastical.

I used Fastmail for a number of years and it worked really well. I was happy with it, but for cost cutting measures, I switched to Roundcube which my hosting provider provides and I’ve not had any issues so far with the switch.

I preferred Fastmail to Gmail, as I felt the interface was better and more responsive for a webmail client. I had it to collect my Gmail and iCloud emails and I could then have them all in to the same account without issues.

I did use the Fastmail calendar for a bit as well and that worked fine, along with the contacts sync, but as I’ve now left them, I stick with iCloud for those now.

I left, purely to save $50 a year, as I was already paying £30 a year for hosting and as the email servers of my hosting firm provide a stable and sufficient service, I’ve not bothered renewing this year.

what hosting provider do you use (that provides Roundcube for free?). Is the £30 annual cost and the free email is forever or only for the first year? Most web hosting that cheap with free email only promo price.

I’m thinking to discontinue my Fastmail subscription for Mailbox. Custom domain email is non-essential for me, and Mailbox’s £1/month is a great deal.

It’s £30 a year, which includes my hosting. I use Mythic Beasts which is UK based. I pay separately for the domain name (but then I’d be using that for hosting anyhow) and I use the Web25 package - my hosting is only a personal blog and that runs using Hugo, so the total space that uses is currently less than 100MB! (I must have compressed the images a lot!)

The 5GB is fine - I now keep 3 years of emails plus the current year on the server and the rest I downloaded and keep as local folders so I can still search using my local client.

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I use Google Workspaces with a custom domain mainly because it’s the only service I can use on my email app of choice. I also use Google Drive and Docs and Sheets extensively so I feel I get great value for this service.

If all you need is IMAP email, there are much cheaper options.

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