Eaglefiler or Keepit

So I downloaded the trial of EF, looked at the interface and erased it. Then I downloaded KI, liked the interface but don’t like the way it handles email. I went back to EF when I learned that it can file outlook mail with one click.
My use case is not complex by any means; I want a way to file bills, docs of all kinds, email and the like from iOS and Mac using iCloud.

Anybody do that with EF? How do you manage from iOS?

You can’t “manage” EagleFIler from IOS but you can manage the files you add to it:

Anything I want to add to EF from IOS I save to an iCloud folder. Once in that folder Hazel will, depending on file type and contents, rename the file, tag it, and place it in the appropriate EF “To Import” folder. Also, during the process Hazel will also load a copy of specific files either into a program like Apple Notes, or to a folder on iCloud so I can immediately access it on my iPad.

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I have you considered DEVONthink? It is probably more program than you need but it does everything and more that you described.


I’ve decided to pull the trigger and buy DTP.
The delta between the other packages and DTP is “only” $100 because of the artisanal software promo and I figured that I will more than make that up by all the great and generous resources out there (like MPU).
Thanks for the little push- I didn’t see this decision coming!

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IMHO, you made a wise investment. :slight_smile:

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