EarPods with iPad Pro 2018?

With my old iPad Pro 9.7 I used the old EarPods with 1/8” plug to record teaching videos. With the new USB C iPad Pros, there’s no USB C EarPod made by Apple. Is there an alternative that are small & not too expensive?

You can get the USB C headphone adapter from Apple for around $10 which should do the trick. Personally however I would consider investing in a small microphone which you can plug in via USB (and therefore via a USB C cable), this would improve the audio quality and you don’t have to have adapters running around.

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I’d still need a headset to hear, right? I had a Samson Meteor (with USB C cable) that I gave to someone, but it’s obviously not as portable as the old EarPods.

The adaptor is just an adaptor, you still need to bring your own headphones with a 3.5mm jack such as EarPods or most other headphones.