Easily switch Studio Display between iMac and MacBook


This seems like a really simple thing, but since I suspect I need to buy some very specific dock or whatever to get this to work I’m looking to see if someone here has experience with the use case above.

My normal setup is that I have an iMac connected to a Studio Display at my desk. Sometimes I want to work from my MacBook when I’m at the desk, and connecting it to the Studio Display in a simple way would be ideal.

Having to disconnect the cable from the back of the iMac and connect it to the MacBook is not that ideal due to placement etc…

Is there a functioning solution where I can have a cable from the iMac to “something” (a dock or whatever) and have a cable from this “something” to the Studio Display without losing anything compared to a direct connection? And then when wanting to connect the MacBook to the Studio Display either disconnect the iMac from this “something” and connect the MacBook in a similar way with a different cable, or disconnect the Studio Display from this “something” and directly to the MacBook.

I don’t want to loose features like charging and sound and so on.

Help! :sweat_smile:

My not-very-cheap solution to this was to get a CalDigit elements hub.
The Studio display is plugged in that and then I have a cable from my MacStudio / MacBook Pro and swap those around as needed. Sound / webcam all work fine. The Studio display cable isn’t disturbed, hopefully meaning less wear & tear on a non-user replaceable cable.

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Would that also help with an iPad Pro and could the dock handle 3 inputs?