Easy solution to turn WiFi off for those worried about radiation

Some people are worried about the electro magnetic radiation from WiFi and Cellphone signals etc.

Today I finished an installation where the owners rent out part of their home that includes free internet. At the same time they did not want to have WiFi in their part of the house while they are sleeping or even want to be able to randomly turn the WiFi off when not needed.

I installed a Ubiquity USG and setup a separate LAN for the two ports on this small router. Doing so the guest can’t get into the owners network and vise versa.

The LAN 1 for the guest unit is connected to a UniFi AP Lite that is set to the lowest power level and is intended to be on 24/7

The LAN 2 is connected to a small 5 port Netgear switch that connects the iMac, Apple TV and a 2nd UniFi AP Lite

In order to easily turn off/on the WiFi in the main house I used a remote controlled power switch with a keychain sized remote. No need to go into an app and disable the WiFi Access point. Just a simple click on a remote will do the job.

Here a quick YouTube video.

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Won’t the guest wifi leak through the walls to the owners part of the house though? Or did they put shielding in/on the walls? Never mind the 20 other wifi networks that are probably in range of their house.

Its on the far side of the property and the power is set to the lowest level.
In the main house is way below the level of what comes in from the neighbors :wink:

Are these the same people who stand in front of the microwave waiting???

Is this really an issue? Asking honestly…


For some people it is, the got into their mind that WiFi and 5G is causing all sorts if illnesses…

I just accommodate their wishes.
If needed send a handy man to paint the walls with a copper paint to create a faraday cage :wink:


I get what you are saying, just let them know that the 5G signal from their operator is more powerful than the Wifi - and it is always on and can’t be turned off.

Other sources of waves:

  1. Microwave as @MacGuyMI mentioned.
  2. Bluetooth devices
  3. TV signal if they have microwave antenna
  4. Mobile signals, not only for data connectivity

I do not mean anything about my post here, other than raising awareness to other sorts of microwaves around us, that we might not be aware of them.


Here is a recourse for calculating RF exposure.