Eco Considerations

Ideally, this would be a Category on this forum as I am sure many macpowerusers would have many power ideas.
It struck me, following a message from my daughter encouraging me to look at ( a search engine that plants trees ), that getting clever about how simple changes in our daily workflows can contribute to a better world.
Going Paperless is an amazing start and has been a feature on the macpowerusers discussions for many years - David’s book still a ‘go to’ (electronic) for me.
I like the determination and transparency of reporting demonstrated by Ecosia and just am wondering if anyone has other thoughts and/or suggestions of other products or services similar to this which might help our planet.
Recycling of obsolete hardware is certainly becoming a big consideration for our office, and I am sure many others.


I think the biggest thing we can do in the tech world is encourage remote work.