Edit a mail message scheduled to send later

Hi all. I love the ability to send Mail messages later. However I just discovered that editing that message seems…. Impossible?

When I go to my “send later” folder and click on a message an “edit” button is there, but clicking it only lets me reschedule when the email will be sent. How to I edit the message itself? I’ve been copying the message and starting over, but surely there is a better way! What am I missing?

I don’t think you can edit a message once it is in the Send Later Folder. You just have to complete any edits before you consign the message to send later.

If you click ‘Edit’ then ‘Cancel Send Later’, it will go back into your drafts folder where you can edit it and then re-schedule the send.


I discovered that very same limitation this morning!

Thank you, that was very helpful. Previously, I did not check my drafts folder and instead started from scratch!

Good tip. I find it hard to belief that SEND LATER does NOT seem to sync across devices. Am I missing something here?

It does not sync because then Apple would have to provide that service (similar to how e.g. Spark and some other mail clients do it so you can see scheduled messages from any of the devices). This would then mean keeping your messages on some server until the scheduled time, which may be fine for iCloud Mail, but is a bit more tricky for other accounts as then they would need to keep your credentials to be able to send at appropriate time as well. There’s a privacy and security aspect to that then. Long story short, I believe this is how they intended it to work and this is why there’s no sync.

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I agree. The Gmail app does display Scheduled Send (Send Later) messages on both my iPhone and iPad because the message resides on a Gmail server.

But they cannot be edited unless you Cancel Send which “moves” them back to Drafts.

Thanks all. Super helpful. I didn’t think to check the drafts folder. The convo about syncing across devices was also helpful. Another question. If my iPad or laptop is closed will it still send? I think I remember it needs to be connected to wifi, but I can’t remember for sure.

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Yes, it should generally send scheduled emails while devices are in sleep mode, provided there’s network connectivity. On the Mac, I don’t think the Mail app even needs to be left running (but it’s been a while since I actually tested this), there’s probably some other process that handles these.

With Send Later, my understanding is that the Mac has to be on (sleep is ok) and online, but the mail app does not have to be open.

that is why a server side service for this sort of thing better. on 24x7.

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I agree, but if you’re using Mac Mail or iOS Mail to schedule later that won’t be server side, right?

correct, but if using Apple Mail for send later understand that computer has to be on and able to send mail to the mail server when time comes to send it.

And understand to edit it after putting in to the send later queue how that works.

No magic.