Editing Rich Text and Markdown in DevonThink

image Hey so trying to edit a rich text file in devonThink. For now I’ve converted it to plain text but in the future it would be good to have ability to edit from a DevonThink even in another app.

I don’t use rich text but I can say for certain it is possible and well supported to edit markdown files in DEVONThing to go directly or to use an external app. DTTG functions as a file provider in iOS. Search the forms here, there are plenty of discussions about editing PDFs in other apps. The same workflow works for markdown files. I personally use Textastic as my markdown editor. Occasionally I use iAWriter to edit them as well.

Hmmm. DEVONthink to Go current version(s) support rich text editing. In the image I selected a rich text document, pressed “Edit” (appears where “Done” is shown in the image), and pressed the “T” on the keyboard to show the rich text formatting options.

What’s weird is it doesn’t even come up as an option…image

Odd. Here’s the same file on the iPhone.

What version of DTTG are you using? These screen shots are 2.6.3.

If you’re having no joy – open a ticket with DEVONtechnologies Support. support@devontechnologies.com.

Turns out it has to do with having images and such in it apparently.

I’m using the latest version but no “T” shows up for me in a rtf document. What am I missing?

Images make the doc an RTFD rather than RTF. An RTFD is a package — a folder containing the RTF plus the images. iOS does not support packages.

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It’s on the keyboard (image above). Your file might also be RTFD rather than RTF?