Editing video (digitized VHS)

I’m in the process of converting my VHS tapes to digital. So far I’ve only made copies of entire tapes. On some tapes there are several programs, so ideally I would like to edit these and make files per program (show, etc.).

What would be a good application for that task? As it’s a one-off thing I prefer not to pay too much. The quality of the source material is pretty bad too, so I don’t need any fancy 4K ready editor. It’s basically just splitting the source material into separate files.

On that topic, what would be the best source format for such a task? I have converted all tapes to H.264 (from the proprietary EyeTV format) but read somewhere that this is not the best format to edit due to being very demanding for cpu and/or gpu. Editing will be done on a quad-core i7 MBP (2017).

Tips, tricks, suggestions are appreciated.

Would iMovie not do? If you don’t need things like timings I believe it would be suitable. I do a lot of video editing, and use Final Cut - but that would be way overkill for your needs.

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I imagine even Quicktime could handle a simple splice if that’s all you require. Just trim it, save it as a separate video and then close the original without saving. Reopen, and go again. You may even just be able to select a new trim, I dunno. It’s been a while, but Quicktime has always been able to do basic stuff like that AFAIK.


I’ll try QuickTime and iMovie. Thanks for the tips.