Editing video on new iPad Pro

As I continue my 30 iPad Pro only journey, I found this useful. I particularly appreciated his comment about how many try to use a traditional approach to computer use on the iPad when the right approach is to use new approaches to a new computing platform.


Interesting experiment; it seemed a good sign that he so quickly became comfortable with the editor.

I’d love to see a side-by-side timelapse comparing an experienced Luma user and FCP, especially if it shows the comparative advantages of each.

Do you think the/my 2017 iPad Pro is also powerful enough to edit video with Luma? I wouldn’t need 4K videos, 1080p would be enough for my needs.

Yes it is. I’ve used LumaFusion on my 2017 model to create videos in 1080p. Some from footage filmed on iOS and some with footage imported from another camera. It handled this without any problems.


I’ve used LumaFusion for editing too. Footages shot on my iPhone with Filmic (4K footages) and GoPro (4K videos) on a higher bitrate. It handled it really well. I love editing on the iPad Pro so much, I no longer use FCP for my videos.

I forgot to mention that I used Filmic for shooting the footage in iOS. If you use this app then the footage does not get saved to your camera roll (which stops it getting into the Photos app and the going up to iCloud and using what might be limited storage space there). You can save the footage onto the iPhone (or iPad) and then export it to where ever you wish (Dropbox, One Drive, NAS, etc.) that has the room needed. Once the file is exported you can go into LumaFusion and import the footage and begin your editing.