Editorial receives a minor update

Satan probably had to grab a sweater, because Editorial was updated two weeks ago.

This may bring relief to anyone still anchored to Editorial. That said, Version 1.3.4 doesn’t include anything major:

  • Added support for the iPhone X with its native resolution.
  • Changed toolbar color in the preview/accessory panel – this makes it easier to distinguish the preview from the editor.
  • Improved performance for switching between dark and light mode.
  • The accessory panel (preview, in-app browser…) uses the same tab bar UI on iPhone and iPad now.
  • Removed support for the public workflow directory. Your shared workflows will remain online for the foreseeable future, but the directory will soon become read-only. You can still share workflows using the “Copy Workflow” feature, of course, which is more flexible anyway, as it allows you to put your workflows in any plain text file.
  • Fixed an issue with explanatory text in the settings being displayed incorrectly (particularly on small screens).
  • Fixed footnote navigation in Markdown preview.
  • Fixed table view actions not being executed in “Custom UI” workflow actions.
  • Fixed a few issues with inline boneyard in Fountain documents.

I actually haven’t bought in—I missed Editorial’s heyday, and picked up on other apps instead.


Some apps work so well they don’t require updating…

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Yep, I didn’t NEED any of the changes, but I was thrilled (and even a little confused, like, “Am I on an archived version of the App Store?”). :grinning: This isn’t a criticism - I was just shocked to see the update because I assumed it wouldn’t be happening.

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Great app. Glad he updated it. Wish it worked with iCloud Drive. Oh well…

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