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First post here on this great forum.

I have a Eufy Camera w/Homebase which requires hardwired (ethernet) to the modem. I have an older Eero with one ethernet port which I currently have connected to my AppleTV. Can I take the output ethernet and “split” it between the AppleTV and the Eufy. I know I can use the AppleTV with WiFi but like it better wired. I assume I can use a simple switch. Is there one you would suggest? Thanks again.Much appreciated.

Welcome! Any unmanaged 10/100/1000 switch should be fine for this. I happen to use these Netgear switches. The cable from the Eero to the switch can be plugged into any of the ports.

  1. Does the Camera have to be hardwired to the modem or does it just need to be connected via wire to a network?

If it just needs to be connected by wire to a network, a switch will work.

  1. Does it need Power Over Ethernet (POE)?
    If so you will need a Switch that supports POE.

Actually, after playing around with it today, I got it connected via WiFi.

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Thanks for the help. Again, this is a great forum. It seems as though everyone is so helpful.

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