Eero Pro 6 - units are getting hot

Hi All,

I just got a set of 3-unit Eero Pro 6 to replace an old Orbi.

I’ve been running them for 2 days and I’m noticing that all the 3 units are get really hot at the bottom and a bit more than “warm” at the top.

I did some research and since the units have no ventilation nor fan but a heat sink the warmth at the top is expected. What about the bottom of the unit though? It really gets hot down there!

Are you experiencing the same (and if so, are you doing something to cool it down)? Is there a risk of the units stop working because of overheat? Is it a fire hazard?

Sorry for so many questions but I’m still able to return them (though they solve the network coverage issue I was having at home).


Have you contacted AMZ Support about that issue?
What was their answer?

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I haven’t yet. I’m wondering whether it’s normal behaviour or not and if any of the MPU group members is having it.

More context in this thread:

I haven’t run thru those lengthy thread you linked, but from the first post I‘ve seen there it seems to be an older problem?
Those post are partly 4 years old!
So, I would get in contact with Amazon Support, and in a doubt, I would return the Unit.


I only have one base unit, and it gets very warm on top and bottom. Every other router I have had got warm, and they all had ventilation, so I assumed it was normal and thought nothing of it.

It’s never over heated that I know of. I have lost the connection a couple of the times in the year plus I have been using it, but I don’t think the router was at fault, just my ISP.

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I only have 2nd gen Eeros, but they’ve always gotten fairly warm. No scientific observations beyond that, though I did suspect heat damaged an Ethernet cable when I had a busier unit sitting on a busy unmanaged switch for several months.


Mine are warm to the touch for sure.

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I just completed a long scientific test of my eero 6 (I placed the probe of my digital cooking thermometer under it) and can report the bottom of the unit is at 106.4 ° F.


Yeah my base eero is very warm to the touch on top. But it’s been going strong for a couple years now with no issues.

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Thank you all for the answers.

I had mine on a desk and it got really hot (a lot more than “warm” :slight_smile: ).

I’ve now used 4 little rubbers feet underneath each corner to allow a bit of space between the desk and the Eero unit and it seems we went back to “warm”.