Electrical Wiring Diagram App suggestions?

I’m replacing the electrical system on my 25-year-old truck, and need to diagram the old one as I remove it.

Are there any Mac apps specifically designed for electrical wiring diagrams?

I’m inclined to use OmniGraffle, but it would be really nice if there were an app that captured data about the system instead of simply drawing it.

Thank you!
Dave in Pennsylvania

What do you mean by capturing data about the system?

E.g., would be really nice if you could simply enter the connections, wire gauge, wire color, components, etc. and have the app do the tedious work of creating the drawing. We had an app like this in college 20 years ago, so I figured there would be something similar today.
Does that help?

Interesting, like it would lay out the correct format for laying out the wiring? Strange that it’s not an app for iPhone already, lol

I’ve got now suggestions, and as you said, Omnigraffle is the only app I can think of at the moment that would be good for mapping it all out.

It was for an electrical engineering course.
I’m sure there’s probably some CAD application that can do it, but fortunately I never had to use my EE background in real life so I’m not sure what’s out there today. :slight_smile:

Would a web-based solution such as Smartdraw’s Circuit Diagram Maker work for you?

I’ve used Eagle for years, but it might be considered more “electronics” than “electrical”. @Quahog suggestion looks good, but Eagle is there if you need it.