Elegato Stream Deck Black Friday Deals on Amazon Have Begun!

The StreamDeck XL is down from $250 to $199
The StreamDeck Standard is down from $150 to $99

I could do silly things with that.
Silly things like “format code”, “create new class” and “build and run this specific test suite” in IntelliJ, and FAR FAR sillier things in the work Slack…

The big question is do I go for the standard or the XL? Hmmmm…

I believe that there are some apps to run on an iPad that can do roughly the same. I just don’t remember their names. Does anyone remembers?

(This is my first comment, despite the fact that i follow the MPU for years now. I hate MPU for the amount of money that they “force me” to spend).

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Don’t know about specific iPad apps but I did briefly have a play with this method last week:

and more here:

A lot of fun to play with but it ties up my iPad too much.

I wanted to try it with DuetDisplay. Looks great since I already have an iPad next to my Monitor.

Elgato has its own app for iOS (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/elgato-stream-deck-mobile/id1440014184) but it is not cheap and last update is from May 2019.

This was one of the apps that i was talking about:

Apparently it doesn’t exists anymore.

Alfred (not to be confused with Offred) has an iOS app. A few screen shots (the defaults) below. I could see the appeal of the Stream Deck if you like to mash buttons (@ismh can translate if you don’t speak Southern U.S. English).


Looks very promissing…