Elevation Lab DraftTable V2 with Apple Pencil 2 thoughts/experiences?

Listening to Mac Power Users 638: A Mac Setup Consulting Company yesterday I was reminded that @MacSparky is a fan of the Elevation Lab DraftTable [V2?]. I have considered getting this as I need to annotate a lot of PDFs in my work. However, whenever I consider ordering it, I always see the top review on Amazon, in which a reviewer claims that there is a conflict between the magnet on the Apple Pencil 2 and the metal base of the DraftTable. (To quote the review: “I started drawing with the apple pencil and noticed my lines were stuttering like crazy. … The stand is unusable if you have the 2nd gen apple pencil and planned on using this to draw.”) As I’d be use it exclusively with that Apple Pencil 2, I’m hesitant to purchase it. However, given that most reviews are positive, I’m wondering if that review is simple an unfortunate anecdote. Anyone have any experience using it with the second generation Apple Pencil, and if so, have you had any issues? Thanks.

I use the Draft Table v2 and Apple Pencil 2nd gen daily in GoodNotes. I’ve never experienced any stuttering, with or without a case folded back, portrait or landscape. I know two other people who use the stand and they’ve not mentioned any problems to to me. (One is a teacher who used it throughout remote teaching as a digital chalkboard.)

My guess is that reviewer had something else going on, or there’d be a lot of people complaining about a stand that utterly fails at its promise. (Also, the explanation in that review doesn’t make much sense to me. Even if you believe the “magnets” theory, the Apple Pencil is only very slightly pulled to the stand.)


Thanks @margaretamartin — that’s really helpful.

I use it often as well and I’ve never experienced that behavior. I’d recommend buying it somewhere where there is an easy return policy if that’s not the fit, but I I really dig mine.

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Thanks for confirming, @MacSparky. I realized after posting I could simply buy it and return it if i had issues, but I wanted to hear about first-hand experience. But yeah, I’ll be getting one.

I can give a +1 for the DraftTable V2. I got it after my Twelve South Compass Pro portable stand gave out after less than a year and a half of use, and I wanted something sturdier. The DraftTable is definitely sturdier! I like the angles and I’ve never had stuttering or anything like that.

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