Elgato Cam Link freezing M1 Mac

Since my iMac died on Monday and my Mac Studio won’t be here until next week, I’ve been working on my 14" MacBook Pro. One issue cropped up when using Zoom on the MacBook: the video from the Elgato Cam Link 4K that I use as part of my video call setup would freeze after about a minute (oddly, this only happened with Zoom, not when using Microsoft Teams). I was eventually able to track down a solution in a Reddit thread.

  1. Install the Elgato Camera Hub app.
  2. Command click the settings button (the sliders next to the Save button)
  3. change the USB Transfer Mode to “Isochronous”.

This fixed the issue. Since I had so much trouble finding a solution, I wanted to post it here to hopefully make it more googleable.


You have no idea how long I spent debugging this. I know this is a very old topic but big thanks for sharing this