Elgato Control Center

I scored an Elgato Key Light Air in the Black Friday promotion. Frustratingly I can’t get the control software to run on my MackBook M1Pro. Rosetta 2 seems to be installed, as other intel apps are working (ScanSnap, Drobo Dashboard). The Mac thinks the Elgato app is open, because it won’t let me delete it, but there is nothing to see. Anyone else had this issue?

Maybe it’s hiding in your menu bar.

There’s no app in the dock, just a menu bar icon.

(I’ve got mine working on the same config.)

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It is working fine for me. Did you try to kill the process and start again?

You are right, I might never have figured that out :disappointed:

Use a Mac long enough and it’s bound to happen to you.

Happens to me all the time because I have Bartender set to hide any new menu bar apps by default, and then I’m like “Where is that new app I just launched?… Oh right.”