Elgato Eve Thermo Radiator valve - UK Advice


Apologies if this has been covered somewhere but I couldn’t see a post about a similar topic.

I’m in the UK looking to start using HomeKit enabled radiator valves - I’m unsure if any has had any experience adding these in the UK and has any advice for me before I start buying devices to try?

I was drawn to the Eve Thermo as (from the Apple description) it doesn’t look like it requires an additional hub to my Hue bridge!

Any advice would be appreciated!


I use the new Thermo (with display) in Germany. Works fine with an Apple TV as HomeKit-Hub. Not sure if a Hue bridge will work.

Okay thanks - I’ve got an Apple TV as a hub as well I just meant not having to have a new third party hub to allow the thermometer to be HomeKit enabled

right, another hub is not needed for the eve-products. But they only use Bluetooth, so far as i know. If the devices to far away they might not work reliable.

Good Questions, I was thinking about them as well. If they’re using Bluetooth would that mean that if the Apple TV is on the ground floor and the valves are on the second I would have trouble getting them to work reliably? Is there a possibility to add an additional hub on the second floor and what device could that be?

If you look at the Specifications (https://www.evehome.com/en/eve-thermo) for eve Thermo: Wireless Connection: Bluetooth Low Energy. two floors can be a problem, depends on you home.

I have a full setup from Tado which includes the smart TRVs. They’ve been exceptionally good in my experience (over a 3-floor cottage with the hub in the middle) and really allow us to fine-tune heating in specific rooms.
The Eve products I’ve used (mainly the plugs/switches) have been very well made, so am sure they’re a good option. Worth using the Tado site to price up their options too.