Elgato Stream Deck and Keyboard Maestro

On a complete goof, I picked up the Stream Deck on a Black Friday sale of $99. I’m using it as physical buttons to trigger KM macros. Two days in and i’m loving it. This is 100% a toy, and not needed. But it’s nice to have physical buttons with custom icons. it means I don’t have to:

  1. Remember every keyboard combination shortcut, or
  2. Move the mouse to a palette or pulldown menu when i’m in the middle of something.

If you’re looking to treat yourself to something fun… this does not solve any problem, but it’s been a fun toy making my life just a little bit easier at work!

Me too – got it at last year’s Black Friday. What I love about it is the build quality. Solid, feels good to fire off a sequence.

The software is well done and frequently updated. While the functions are mainly focused on gamer needs, it can fire off key sequences meaning it is a natural to pair with Keyboard Maestro.

I am not a Maestro user (but definitely SHOULD be) and I mainly use it for frequently needed URLs.

I recently stumbled on this site that sells hardware auxiliary key pads with up to 128 keys. It’s more industrial focused but definitely interesting. http://xkeys.com/index.php

The train controllers are also interesting, but only work with Windows.

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