Elgato Stream Deck+ Users

hey MPU,

so there are a bunch of sales on Elgato this year (I think more than usual), things I am looking out…

Stream Deck Pedal
Facecam Pro
Stream Deck+

For reference, currently own 2 Key Lights, Stream Deck XL, and a Scarlett 8i6. I used to buy things in advance (i.e. plan for a future project) (it would be cool to do XYZ). Reality, anything future-based with no timeline doesn’t actually happen in my life


  • I am not live-streaming anything at the moment
  • I do lots of reading / researching / writing / productivity
  • I heavily upload at any given week 100-200 audio files


  • Pedal seems nice enough to add to workflow, assuming I can switch between apps, functions, or multiple functions within the same app. (anyone have experience with this?)

  • Facecam Pro - I have at least 1 Zoom call a week, before construction I had an old Canon SLR mounted to the desk, to be honest, because it was such a beast, it needed multiple wires and adapters to get it work. I took it down during construction and haven’t been motivated to put it back. Typically, when I have a Zoom call, I take it on my iPad for the video portion. Then login again from the Mac so I can be working through apps and documents and presenting things. Could I use my phone and set it up? Yes, but I don’t want to have to do this back and forth. Worth it? Not sure really? Debatable but it’s going on sale LOL.

  • Stream Deck+ - I have been eyeing this since it was released, I love the idea of knobs and visually seeing the results. But does this replace my Scarlett? I control my computer volume through the Scarlett right now, it has the external speakers plugged in, what will change with the Deck + ??

If anyone has advice in this area and does not use these products for live-streaming, would be a great help please.

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That’s a nice deal on the pedal. If you’ve never tried a pedal-based workflow, this is a good opportunity. You can assign three functions per active app and you have access to all the Stream Deck button configuration and controls, so can do actions, keyboard shortcuts, macros, switching to another app, etc.

The Facecam Pro is overkill for your situation and will only be discounted by $30 or so. You can solve this for less. Using your iPhone via Continuity Camera works really well if you have a mount for it; you’d be able to take the calls on your Mac that way. It’s less effort than configuring a new webcam.

I haven’t used a Scarlett, but my understanding is it sits in your hardware audio chain. The Stream Deck does not; it’s all software-based. It gives you the ability to assign actions to dials. The Stream Deck app comes with some native support (e.g., to change Control Center values) and plugins provide the rest (e.g., to control OBS.)