Elgato Stream Deck XL

Re: the Zoom meetings… that’s easily scripted or macro’d with Keyboard Maestro. Do you use the latter?

I only keep running applications in the Dock, so I know what is running. Running apps in the dock can also use badges as notifications, which can sometimes be helpful, although I admit that I often hide the dock when using my 13" MacBook Air.

What have you tried? I would assign the URL to the meeting to the appropriate button.

If you use Keyboard Maestro (and you should) you can also assign buttons to Keyboard Maestro macros, which is insanely useful. You could assign it to a macro designed to open that URL in the Zoom app.

I’m in the process of re-doing my Stream Deck setup, including my Relay FM profile. Maybe I’ll post an update screen here.


Never tried the latter

I cleaned up my dock and moved stuff to the SD that I like to open quickly (based on whatever I am doing) Browsers, Logos, Feedly, Pocket, MPU, any of the writing apps. I might remove more from the dock. Testing it out.

Re: Zoom - Currently I have 2 buttons, one to open the Zoom app, and one to open the Zoom URL. But it doesn’t the work way I imagined it. I tried the multi action button and still no luck. I thought if I push a button to open Zoom, and then another button for the meeting URL, it would auto-join. Instead, Zoom opens. Then when I push the URL button, it opens the browser and asks to open Zoom app. It doesn’t recognize it’s already open.

I have KM installed but haven’t had the chance to figure it out or even go through it yet. If I do it through KM, can I assign that macro to the SD? (btw, I will need help/link/direction on that KM setup)

I already added your Relay FM Profile! Thank you! Looking forward to seeing your update

Hahah! Autocorrect is ever so helpful. That should have said “Keyboard Maestro,” not “Keyboard Amaretto.” :upside_down_face:

The KM macro you want is pretty simple. I’ll try to draft a sample of it later when I’m at my desk.

As for attaching macros to the Stream Deck, this plugin is the simplest option:

Here’s a single macro that opens one URL if the current day is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, and another URL if it isn’t.


It should be pretty easy to interpret how it works, but let me know if you need help.

As for directly opening a Zoom meeting from a URL, it looks like Zoom provides a URL scheme. I would expect that you can insert the meeting ID of the calls you’re making into the URL scheme and it would work the way you want.

A menu system is vital if you need to leverage the most from SD. I devote top row on every page to navigation and colour code depth. Consistency is everything. Typing takes me ages so I’ll provide pictures.
Github for a backup file to see what I’m advocating. There will be files missing and holes in pages/profiles etc.


Does anyone have a shortcut in Stream Deck to start and stop Toggl time tracking?

I’m surprised no one has said yes to this. I don’t use Toggl myself, but ISTR that I’ve heard Viticci and others talk about them having an API, so surely it seems like it wouldn’t be hard to attach that to a button.

Let me know if you still need help and I’ll try to look into it over the weekend.

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Just thought of this: it would be really neat to script the Stream Deck to “animate” active timers in time tracking apps. It already provides similar functionality if you run a stock Timer action. Hmm…

I don’t use time tracking currently outside of the rare consulting gig, but I am thinking about getting into it for quantified-self purposes. If I make any headway I’ll share it back here.

I don’t animate things, nor would I want to, I’d find it distracting… but I do have things that change.

For example, I have a button that shows me when my next meeting is. It changes background color as the meeting gets to be within 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 minute. (It also changes when I have no meetings left the day.)

I have one icon that I use with EncryptMe is active, and another that I use when it is inactive.

I have one that shows my Mac’s volume setting, and changes color if output is muted.

I’m working on another one that will change my “Zoom” button to a different color when it’s time to join a Zoom meeting, and pressing the button will launch the meeting URL.

Keyboard Maestro has native support for the Stream Deck and makes all of this pretty easy.


Sure, sure, I agree. No flashing lights or changing colours. By “animate,” I simply meant a counting up (or down) of the timer, the same way the Stream Deck’s stock timer does.

Thanks for the offer. I downloaded the Toggle desktop client and it has a Global Shortcut key which I can map the Stream Deck button to activate it. This works for me, for now. I’d love to see the timer being animated on the Stream Deck button though, but that would require some programming.

Can you share a simple example of Keyboard Maestro altering what’s on a button? This one has passed me by.

Are you using profiles instead of folders? I assume you’re getting some benefit from that and am curious what it is. I’m guessing it’s something to do with your top row functionality, but I don’t know what. I just got my StreamDeck a week ago and am still configuring it.

Profiles are tied to conditions (e.g., DEVONthink is the active app). So, you can set up sets of buttons for certain apps so that the Stream Deck is always showing context-specific buttons.

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A new rabbit hole just in time for the weekend!

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After resisting for a long time - not sseing the need for extra buttons - I ordered a Stream Deck Mini the other day. Basically to control a network media player.

No KM here. But Hammerspoon has Stream Deck support too. Let’s see how it goes.

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I use profiles - for individual apps. Except for my “general purpose” profile where I have to use cascading.

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TJ - I have tried to do something like this in keyboard maestro and it has eluded me. I’d love to see how you are doing this, especially with your stream deck integration. Thanks!