Stream Deck XL and Relay.FM

So I did this with my new Stream Deck XL:

(cameo by Mort the Beagle.)

It’s a little clearer from the config app:

As you probably guessed, each button opens a web page on’s website.

Clearly, Relay cannot add any more shows!

(Also, in my order “The Pen Addict” comes after “Parallel” and before “Playing For Fun” … unlike on Relay’s “Shows” page, where it shows up after “Rocket” and before “Thoroughly Considered”.)

I have another button on my main profile which will launch the livestream in VLC and record it in Audio Hijack but this was fun to put together.

If you’re silly enough to want this too, you can download my


Kinda disappointed you didn’t use KM9 and open the relevant page base on the time of the day, so all you REALLY need is just one button :slight_smile:

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I’ve been hovering over the Stream Deck buy button for a few days. I think I need one of these in my life for Keyboard Maestro. I have a terrible habit of making macros and then not using them because I can’t remember the trigger.

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That “I can’t remember the trigger” was partly why I got one. And it works.

I really should update this:

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Now THAT is cool!
Well Done