Elgato Stream Deck XL

I bought Stream Deck but didn’t find it useful until a few months in when I use it solely to help me move and resize windows to the corners of my monitor. One button to move it to the left, one button to center it and the other to move it and maximize to the right side. Now, I don’t know what I’d do without Stream Deck. Memorizing hotkey sounds so barbaric.

Get it. You might not find a use for it initially but it will be indispensable once you found your niche.


Well. When you put it that way, I have saved a lot of money on gasoline the past few weeks. :wink:


So say we all.  


I’ve been using a Stream Deck mostly to fire Keyboard Maestro macros, and that’s been fantastic. And then last week I used it to trigger scenes in OBS Studio (the Stream Deck has built in actions for OBS) for a live stream and that was absolutely magical. I was able to keep my eyes on the camera, and switch scenes just by feel. Before last week, I saw all the live stream offerings in the Stream Deck sidebar, and scoffed at them as being for YouTubers. Now I get it.


TJ - I got to install this over the weekend and I am absolutely loving it. I have already gone in and figured out a couple of personalization tweaks to your script. Amazingly, I haven’t broken anything yet. If I can figure out how to control some of my Hue lights from keyboard maestro, this would be an easy way to add a little extra illumination to the alerts. Thanks again for sharing!

Okay, 48 hours in, and I can tell this is going to be one of my favorite nerdy tech purchases ever. As I spend more time setting it up, I’m getting faster at it. And as I get faster, I’m thinking of new things to use it for and implementing them.

Today I figured out the app-specific profiles, so I’ll be spending some time with those over the next few days. Can’t wait to get an OmniFocus SD profile set up.


I’ve created a number of screens with folders (not profiles) and of course Keyboard Maestro has no way to tell which page you’re on, so if I press a KM button I get the conflict palette.

Is there a clever way that I can avoid this?

Are you using the default virtual button trigger, or URL triggers, or the handy KM Link plugin? https://github.com/Corcules/KMlink

Quick survey among stream deck enthusiasts from this thread about Streamdeck alternatives:

-> before switching to the physical device from Elgato, have you experimented with tablet-based alternatives ?

I have on my weekend backlog to setup a board relying on TouchOSC running on an iPad, sending midi keys to touchOSC bridge on the Mac which will trigger KM macros. I anticipate that the Streamdeck experience would be more streamlined / accessible, but besides that , do you see any other advantages in using Streamdeck?

I have MetaGrid on my iPad, and it works quite well. But there is something so nice about the tactile experience of the StreamDeck, that I never break out the iPad when I’m working on my Mac mini anymore. Having the SD’s physical buttons right in front of me, glowing - and the corner keys I can press without taking my eyes off the monitor and looking down.

It’s a fun upgrade, but clearly not a necessity!

I think a dedicated tablet may get you closer. I installed the SD app on my phone as a test. It was enough to help me understand its usefulness, but it was a hassle to launch the app every time I sat down. Having the hard-wired Stream Deck pop on when you log in is a much nicer experience.

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I’m trying to find a good way to move windows around with the Stream Deck. I’ve got both Hammerspoon and Keyboard Maestro installed, so between them I thought this would be easy - but it’s not!
Any tips?

Keyboard Maestro has some windows management functions to allow this, depending on what you’re trying to do. I’d suggest setting up the KM macro first, get it working, then set it to trigger with a Stream Deck key. (I’m not familiar with Hammerspoon.)

I’m not sure how familiar you are with keyboard maestro, but I found MacSparky’s Field Guide especially helpful in guiding me through some of the windows manipulation stuff.

Have you looked at Rectangle? It’s the ‘spiritual successor’ to Spectacle, which is what I’ve been using for managing windows.

Keyboard Maestro can definitely do this, but I found Spectacle easier for this particular task.

@richtack, if we step outside a single context and consider the disabled, we see a device that borders on life changing. To those who have severely restricted arm and/or hand movement, this device, or similar, can perhaps find work, keep their job or express their creativity.
I realise of course, that you are not blind to these issues. Forgive me, I read your post and promptly lost control of my keyboard. Lol

Norman - well said. I was only sharing my experience, but of course there’s a larger world out there than my personal experiences!

Spectacle is actually my “plan a” at the moment, since I love the way you change the size of windows by repeating the key combo. I’ll look at Rectangle as well.

Edit: Spectacle was a bit buggy, Rectangle looks like it’s more stable, possibly simply due to being updated more recently.

I looked at it, but it was extremely fiddly, and I had problems getting it to work. Basically the windows just bounced all over the place.

I resent a friend of mine in the Omni slack (hi Thomas) for regularly reminding me that this thing exists:

Misery (and poverty?) loves company, so now you all know about it too…

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Interesting read on the topic https://prolost.com/blog/tag/Magic+Bullet