Email Aliases on the fly?

Hey all,

I’ve been getting in the habit of giving different providers different email addresses (e.g. I’ll give Amazon the email Setting aside the merits of this strategy, I have a problem:

Sometimes I receive correspondence from these companies to the email address I gave them and I’d like to make it look like I’m responding from that email. In other words, if I’m email amazon, I want it to come from and not

These aliases are easy to set up if you have one or two, but I’ve got dozens at this point. Is there a way to create email aliases/identities on the fly? For example, if I get an email at, I’ll be prompted in some way to add that email to my list of aliases?

Currently I’m using Airmail + FastMail, but I’m willing to switch clients if there’s a client that provides this functionality.

Consider FastMail web client and create personalities for each address you want to respond from. On a mail client you may need to modify the account each time you switch, which will probably mean more work than the above recommendation (from the FastMail FAQ).

I use a gmail address and can create aliases easily by adding them after a “+”
so type address, don’t forget to add +something, send email. Alias created.


using filters in gmail it’s easy to see if someone has sold your address.

Problem is that google will allow you to send using the + only the recipient will see it as

So, for this it would not be a solution I guess.

I think I need to clarify. I can create these aliases on the fly by providing these different email addresses to different providers, as @JKoopmans mentioned. What I want is to easily be able to add this alias to the list of email addresses that I can send from.

Google G-Suite allows up to 30 Aliases.
For places where you just need an account but never want to hear back from or reset a password use a disposable email from 10 Minute mail.