Email Application with a confirmation UI before message is sent to allow review

Hello MPU Friends,

Does anyone know of an email application that would allow me to review the email message before it is sent?

Auto-complete on contacts can result in email messages going to unintended recipients. Typos can be embarrassing (not all words and phrases are properly highlighted as emails are edited).

I’d like to have the chance to review the entire email, sending address, to addressees, subject and content before the message is actually sent.

Ideally this would be an iOS application for mobile email communication, but a macOS application would be great too.

I wouldn’t be averse to using AppleScript, shortcuts, bash, or some other scripting component to accomplish this.

Gmail has a small time window where one can recall an email before it is truly sent, but this isn’t really the same.


I normally compose important emails in a text editor, then copy & paste it into my mail app when I’m ready to send.

This has saved me from costly mistakes, or major embarrassments, more times than I’d like to admit.

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Thanks for the tip. I think this makes really good sense. Too often, I quickly write out some quick reply and leave a word out or use the wrong homophone.