Email Apps: 1. Superhuman 2. MailMate 3. Mail Pilot 4. Mail Butler 5. Newton

Any thoughts on these 5 email apps?

  1. Superhuman - I did not try it, but it seems like many other apps.
  2. Mailmate - Best client in my opinion (if you do not want to play around with it, stick with
  3. Mail Pilot - Looks promising.
  4. Mail Butler - Expensive and not reliable.
  5. Newton - Expensive and they do not care about your privacy.

I used Newton until they pulled the plug. Not going back as I don’t consider them reliable now.
I use MailMate and like the markdown editing, commands to send things to DEVONthink, OmniFocus, etc. I also tag things, and have the tags in the menu bar, making it easy. I is SpamSieve to take care of the spam. All in all a good investment in the two of them.
I use AirMail on iOS.

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Just curious. Is there a particular reason you don’t use Airmail on Mac? I use it on both OSs, but I’m always “in the market” for something better.

Ack! I can’t remember. I own it on macOS too, but can’t recall why I looked elsewhere and went to MailMate. Could have been the iOS-style interface, but not sure. Could also be that I was enamored with their use of markdown at the time. If it comes to me, I’ll post.

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I have been using MailMate with 4 EMail accounts. Searching is a breeze. Lots of customizations. Lots of control on Rules, Tags, Productivity integrations, Archive, Spam Control with Spamsieve and very robust.

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I used Airmail but got fed up with their half-ass integrations (e.g. Devonthink), which sometimes do not even work (like GPG). It seems like they do not have the manpower to realize their grandiose plans.

And what are you using?

MailMate :slight_smile: I was also thinking about eM Client but went for MailMate due to its integrations and power usage.

MailMate is a little more power than I need. I used EM Client on Windows a couple of years ago (when I had to use Windows) and was pretty happy with it. I didn’t realize they made a Mac version. Will have to look into it.