Email attachments in body!

I hope this is not too basic of a question to be asking here, but i have searched online and am not able to find specific iPad friendly answers.

As i try and use the iPad more as primary computer, I am finding a sticking point when it comes to email attachments. Using either apple mail (Personal) or Outlook (for work), photos are always inserted into the body of the email, rather than in the attachment window.

Now some online answers suggested this doesn’t matter and it depends on the recipients software/app of choice, but i have found this to be true, and people don’t like getting pics in the body of the email.

What’s the solution on iPad based clients to easily get them in the attachment pane and not in the body? Thanks a lot.

So is it just that Apple Mail does it that way? Right now is there a way to have them in the head (as small icons)?
I am having the same thing with Outlook on iPad, and that made me wonder if it was more an iPad thing rather than specific to any client.
Maybe changing apps would help me solve this (but i have been giving Apple Mail a real chance for the last 6 months)

This is correct. The way an email is displayed is determined by the recipient‘s software.

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Ok. I think i must be missing a bigger picture on this. A while ago I had someone ask me to resend picture attachments as an ‘attached file’ rather than inline (I’m using the wrong words, but helpfully you follow), as they were unable to save them correctly. I resent from my MacBook as an attached file (small icon in header), and they had no problem.

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