Email clients with Correspondence view?

MailMate has a correspondence layout/pane that automatically shows all the emails received from the sender that sent the current selected email. We can then select one or more of these and delete in one swoop (or do any other action).

The Correspondence layout allows you to immediately see any messages in any correspondence similar to the currently selected message(s).

Are there any other email clients that have this feature?

Edit: screenshot ↓

In the Gmail web client right clicking on a message opens a menu that includes an option to find all mail from the sender.

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That’s a pretty unique feature from Mailmate, I’d say. Perhaps Postbox focus view has something similar.

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Polymail has the correspondence history feature. However, it doesn’t allow multiple messages in the history to be selected simultaneously.

If you right click on the Name of the sender in Apple Mail, you get an Search option for this sender in the RightClickMenu, what results in pretty much the same.

I think I spotted something similar in Superhuman but not sure yet if it allows actions on those.

Postbox only offers the basic “click to find messages from this person” feature — no inline display.

Mailmate, the only mail client you need on a Mac,


I can confirm that Superhuman automatically displays all email threads with a contact (as well as publicly available contact information from LinkedIn/Twitter) in the right sidebar.

BusyContacts has that kind of feature as well… admittedly not built into a mail function, but one can look at a particular contact in your address book and see the emails ent back and forth…

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Caveat: That applies only to Apple Mail, and (of course) Mailmate (but you need to set Mailmate store mail in an indexable location) Mail apps like Spark etc are not going to integrate with BusyContacts