Email-Enabled Security System

This is probably a bit off-topic, since I’m not (necessarily) considering any Apple products.

We have a vacation property that needs surveillance. Presently this property does not have internet access but I’m working that.

What I want is a system with a few wireless motion-activated cameras that can send email when activity is detected. My idea was to have a rather low-powered computer (say, a raspberry pi) to receive the camera data and send email, with the image attached, to some email address, thus obviating the need for more cloud storage.

I haven’t been able to find anything quite like this. I’m flexible, since I haven’t bought anything yet. I’m not averse to writing some code if necessary. Anybody have any ideas?

Are you specifically looking for RaspberryPi or other low cost solutions?
I am asking because you can achieve something similar through HomeKit cameras like the Logitech Circle Camera. I believe adding it with HomePod should not be too expensive as well.

Edit: Just clarification, those solutions do not send emails, you will manage it through the Home app.

No, I’m not stuck on a Pi solution. I’ll take a look at the Circle cam.

Note that a good security system should never rely on a computer that needs a power supply or WiFi. It should operate if the power is cut because cutting the power supply is usually the first thing that a thief will do (normally before entering the property).

Therefore, the system should not use a connection that relies on a power supply (like broadband) and should have a mobile SIM for connection - this is how professional security systems work.

I think it takes a more sophisticated type of burglar to cut power, vs. smash-n-grab, but if we’re going there then maybe they just plug in a cell jammer too. Not sure what the workaround for this is, other than an underground hard-wired ethernet connection to the internet w/ a battery UPS backup…

A security system that uses a SIM once saved my property from being robbed. My security system notifies me when electricity is cut, and one day I received this notification then an image of someone trying to enter the property but then being scared by the alarm going off and the police automatically being called. Thankfully that guy did not have a cell jammer, and just gave up.

I think if they have a cell jammer then there is no easy solution, you will get robbed even with a more expensive system. I do have cameras with separate SIM cards throughout the property though so they would need one heck of a jamming device.

I guess this is an advantage of being in an older RV. It screams ‘keep moving, nothing to see here’ - So I just keep everything insured and the computers backed up. A few important documents are in a fire-proof safe. It’s just stuff. Doesn’t hurt that RV parks are full of people with nothing better to do than watch for strangers.