Email Newsletters

I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for using an e-mail newsletter service?
There are about 7,000 users that I need to reach. I was planning on starting a weekly / monthly newsletter for my users. Initially, I have MailChimp but due to the costs, I would send emails 1-3x/year

Any other suggestions?

Do you think you could manage setting up Sendy?

It’d be $60 one time. It uses Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) to do the actual mail sending. You wouldn’t be sending enough to hit the paid tiers of SES.

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Looks very affordable. I will probably have to read up on how to set it up.

Would Tiny Letter work?

I have never really understood what Tiny Letter’s business model is, but it appears to be free. It’s run by Mailchimp.

I used tiny letter for a newsletter I once ran. I never had much of an issue other than it seemed to just want me to use their CMS to enter but you do have the ability to edit the HTML if you want.

I’ve been using Substack for my weekly email, The Agenda, and I really like it.

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