Email screening script

Has anyone thought or or created a script. In one of my accounts- a gmail account- I get a ridiculous amount of spam. I have managed to corral lit mostly. The sender(s) all start with newsletter and end in .edu with many variations in the middle. What I would lie to do is screen all inboxes for senders that begin with newsletter and/or end in .edu and auto delete them. Ideas?

It sounds like a filter set up in gmail webmail should do the trick.

After you have accumulated a few of these messages log into gmail in your browser and try searching for one of the messages using its full address. Then search again substituting * for the differences. I can’t be more specific without one of the actual email addresses but if the address is: try searching for newsletter*@*.edu

Once you find a string that will find all these messages when you do your search create a filter using that string and you should be free of these.

If this doesn’t work, post 1 or 2 actual addresses. One of us should be able to help with more information.


I agree that Gmail spam filtering is pretty good.

If you are using Apple Mail on macOS, or any of a number of other mail clients, then you might consider SpamSieve. Set up is easy. With SpamSieve if you tell it “this is spam” then you’ll never see messages from that source again. I’ve used it for years.