Email woes…trying to rescue email off my ipad

hey, all. long story short: i have email issues. now, the only copy of my voxsylvatici inbox is on my ipad pro. there are over 1000 emails (i know…) and i would prefer not to have to “pinch zoom out” one by one to save each one as a pdf.

if i select the email and try to move it to my icloud account, i get an error that it can’t move the email. argh!! that would have been so quick and easy!

is there any way to move the whole inbox folder somewhere else? if not, is there a way to see the ipad on my macbook pro and just grab the mbox file? or all the individual emails?

thanks for any help!

oh! i suspect the reason i can’t move the files from voxsylvatici to icloud is that the account no longer exists (part of that long story). so there’s no voxsylvatici in settings now either. honestly, i’m kinda surprised it’s on my ipad at all, but hopeful there will be a way to save the one mailbox i couldn’t save from my laptop.

Hmm. I wonder if iMazing would be able to extract your mail messages in bulk from a backup of your iPad?

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thanks! on it’s backup page, it doesn’t list email as something it backs up….

downloaded the trial and couldn’t find email in the app either :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: