Embedding a table/spreadsheet OR how do teachers share their wordlists with students?

So I have made a wordlist that I would like to share to my students via my blog. Therefore, I would like to have it embedded so that if I make any changes to the table/spreadsheet, it gets updated on the blog as well. I started with a markdown table on Obsidian, but realized that I would like my students to be able to sort, filter and search the table. Therefore, I moved it into Excel, but realized that my university doesn’t have embed as a possibility in Office… hmm… Any recommendations for alternatives? Is Airtable the only alternative??

I assume you edit/create privileges on your blog. I recommend you put the list onto the blog, and then from then on, consider that the “source”. You make changes there and only there, and students always have access to the current list and you a) avoid having version issues, b) simplifies and eliminates the issue of technology. KISS.

I use AirTable for this; I don’t know of any better alternative. It works perfectly for all the things you mentioned.

That’s the thing - the blog is through Obsidian Publish so that would be a markdown table.

I will look into this - just a little frightened that it would scare the students away. If they think it seems to complex (I know excel is very complex and not user-friendly if you ask me, but more people know about it). Thanks! I will test it out.

A Google sheet might work for this.
From my experience, students are familiar with Google tools.