Embedding images in Obsidian documents

I like Craft for how easy it makes it to include images in a document — and its UI is also superb. But there are enough things I don’t like about Craft that I would prefer to work in Obsidian. Placing images in Obsidian, however, has stymied me. As an old fart, I prefer to keep images in a separate folder — assets/ or images/ or whatever — and then link. I’ve tried using what I think is the correct Markdown image link syntax, but the images don’t show up and a click on the link offers to create things. Sigh. What am I doing wrong? (If there’s a good write-up on this somewhere, please hook me up with a link. I’ve looked and I haven’t found it.)

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You’re not an old fart @johnlaudun. Old farts don’t use Obsidian! :blush:

Not my go to note taking app but I think the markdown syntax is ‘![[image.png]]’. Others much smarter than me here will chime in I’m sure…


You can also just drag an image into an Obsidian doc, and it will put the image file in the correct folder and create the link for you.

If you go into settings, then Files & Links, scroll down:

There are other choices there too.

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As @JohnAtl said first in the Obsidian settings you have to define where the attachments go.

To do it by hand
Put your files into that location.
The links are formatted like this ![[picturefilename.png]]
Then they show up inline with the text.

Or the easy way.
If you have the setting set to move attachments to a specific location in your Obsidian vault already the fastest way to get the picture into your note is drag it into place and automatically an inline link will be created and a copy of the image will be placed in the attachments folder for you.

Simply pasting images in to the note works well. I do that with great frequency myself. Obsidian generates a garbage file name for them, which you then have to go in and change manually, but other than that it works great.

To simplify saving to attachments I created a simple shortcut: Shortcuts

The shortcut also resizes the image.

If you want to follow standard markdown conventions, ![alt text](./attachments/name-of-img.png) type formatting and storing images in a folder like your-obsidian-vault/attachments/ works well.

Which is it that we are not, “old”
or “fart”? Or maybe the words are inseparable?

Thank you all for your help. When I had previously used the standard markdown syntax for images ![alt title](path/to/file), it had not worked. And I swear I double-checked everything then. Either I had previously missed something or at some point in the last few months … er, something happened. (Cue abstract hand-waving here.) At any rate, things are working well. I’ve decided to make it easier for myself by centralizing plain text notes in one sync location — I’m trying out pairing Obsidian with iA Writer so I’m using the latter’s iOS sync folder. I had been going with multiple vaults, but, honestly, I think, in most cases (for me), it was more trouble than it was worth.